Sunday, February 12, 2006

White feet, Don't treat

A recent topic on one of my dog-related Yahoogroups: Ivermectin, and it's potentially fatal effect on herding dogs. The issue being discussed is that some dogs, specifically those dogs with white feet (herding breeds), have had severe and fatal reactions to this drug. Ivermectin is commonly used to treat Demodectic mange in dogs. List members responded on both sides of the argument. Some people stated in big BOLD print that this is a "genetic mutation" in herding breeds such as Collies, Aussies, and Shelties, and that one should get their dog tested before using this drug. Others are saying they have used it long term with no ill effects. One Berner owner posted photos of the ulcers their Berner suffered after taking the drug. The photos were quite graphic and certainly left a permanent red flag in my brain about Ivermectin.

All in all, it was an interesting topic. And I never really thought about the fact that dogs with white feet are herding dogs.....


guanyin said...

Please have your dogs checked if they carry the mutant gene that does not allow them to process ivermectin in their bodies. Have DNA sample sent to Dr Dodd

She will give protocols and tell you if your dog is a carrier. The only tick med I can use on my collie is Advantix and I only use it infrequently.
His symptoms were :
seizures, odd behaviors at night ( especially during the new moon- for 3 years this happened regularly at that time- go figure?) Also, he had to have his thyroid checked regularly. Frontline, Hartgard and the others provoked the same strange behaviors!- seem to be ivermetin derivatives!

Anonymous said...

MDR-1 testing can be accomplished through Washington State University Veterinary Services - costs about $75.